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Logo and identity design…with an illustrative touch

We've helped some great companies create identities to reflect their brand and all it stands for. But even if you just just need a simple logo for a new product, service or a promotional campaign, we can do that, too. Coachtrim is one of America's premier custom interior shops. We created a logo for them incorporating leather and aluminum to illustrate the handcrafted nature of their business. Farnbacher Loles Motorsports was a multifaceted company, incorporating a top-level professional Porsche racing team and a high-end street performance business. For Coastal Coachworks, a high-end California-based custom limousine manufacturer, we created a unique identity that captures the coast's legendary surf and the energy of the SoCal car scene. The Colonial Bronze Company traces its roots back to 1927. The company wanted a brand mark to illustrate the lifetime guarantee on their metal finishes. Matching Baggage Productions is a husband and wife TV production company. The name came to them during their frequent travels. We kept the design light and fun to match their personalities. Mastercard needed a modified version of their iconic brand identity for a season long MLB promotion. The result was a hit with fans in ballparks across the country. Toce Brothers has been in business since 1924, specializing in truck and heavy equipment tires. They wanted a new brand identity that looked like it belonged on the front of a big rig. John Howard is a former Olympic cyclist, 4-time national road cycling champion and  set the cycling land speed world record at 152mph. John asked us to create a brand identity for his sports performance company. For a brand identity for an online wine retailer geared towards wine aficionados, we kept it simple: pouring wine and a glass. Bottoms up. The icon [...]

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Creating a stealthier Dodge Stealth

We were tasked with creating a series of large images for the various tire segments in Big O Tires' stores. The images needed to be altered to remove or alter distinctive brand details. This image was for the high performance category. Image 1: Dodge Stealth original image. Image 2: The client wanted to remove some of the Stealth details to make it more of a generic sport coupe.

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McLaren MP4-12C composite for Monticello Motor Club and Miller Motorcars

We were tasked with showing the new McLaren MP4-12C on the track at Monticello Motor Club... before any of these British supercars had even been there. Image 1: McLaren MP4-12C photo shot by Jason Thorgalsen for Miller Motorcars. Image 2: 1982 Porsche 911 SC owned by David Rose photographed by Roger Garbow on Monticello Motor Club's north pit straight.

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