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We’re not just car guys. We’re brand guys. Because we understand what drives the audience, we build programs and content that are not only cool, but right.

Like the first-ever all-Porsche drag race down 11th Ave. to open the 2008 NY Auto Show—which show executives called “the best opening we’ve ever had.”

Or the Scion Road to SEMA 2012 grand tour that delivered a modified FR-S sports car to Las Vegas—gaining wide attention via social media, dealer appearances and a featured show presence.

Or launching a private racetrack by licensing the famed Rendezvous film—and a launch event featuring Mario Andretti and Bobby Rahal.

And the viral videos featuring drifting supercars, a barn-find makeover and a unique POV.

Founder Roger Garbow is a lifelong car nut with an appetite for innovation and a passion for anything with wheels. He created Full Throttle Marketing to help marketers reach the right audience with the right message. And to support his track junkie habit.